Sleepouts come in various shapes and sizes, but most commonly they are raised platforms, either on stilts or up in trees, which typically overlook at waterhole or river where animals are expected to gather.

Guests typically head out to the sleepout late afternoon and enjoy a private dinner in their treehouse.

At night a guide or guard will typically remain in a separate structure nearby in order to ensure your safety.

In the morning it is usual to take a light breakfast at the sleepout, perhaps walking back into camp for a full breakfast.


In Kenya there is another twist on the sleepout theme, with Loisaba Koija Starbeds having beds on wheels which can actually be rolled like handcarts out of your verandah in order to sleep under the stars.

At Serian Mara Ngare in the Maasai Mara area you can overnight in the Serian Suguroi treehouse remote from the lodge, overlooking the main river