Kenya Cultural safaris


Kenya Cultural Safaris

A holiday tour in Kenya would not be complete without interacting with the local communities and taking part of daily activities.

Kenya has more than 40 tribes among this we have pastoralists who live harmoniously with the wild animals in the parks and reserves.

The highlights of this Kenya Cultural Tour would be the Masai and the Samburu People among other notable tribes in East Africa.

The Masai People are internationally known for their distinctive culture, Masai Shuka’s, their traditional and way of life, their energized dances and famous warriors. Their lives revolve around livestock.

What to Expect

During your cultural tour you get a golden chance to interact with this special nomadic and pastoral people. Milk the cows, join in their dances, join in women in their beading work. If travelling as a family, it’s advisable to carry small gifts like pencils, books, clarions for the local children. They will also have fun participating in their games and learn how to make fire.

Most of our cultural safaris takes place in the parks. However, the same can be done in towns where there are homesteads like bomas of Kenya. In Bomas different ethnic communities have traditional huts where you can learn everything about Kenyan communities.

Samburu People

Samburu people is another interesting ethic community that must top your list. They are believed to be cousins to the Masai people. Their way of life is almost similar to the Masai community. They live harmoniously with the wild animals and their lives revolves around livestock’s. Samburu’s diet comprises of meat, milk and blood from their livestock.

A Kenya holiday tour cannot be complete without getting a taste of these semi -nomadic tribes of Kenya. Their Manyatta (traditional huts are built using mud, hide and grass.

While Samburu Elders rule the tribe, the men look after the livestock, women with the help of young girls do the house chores including looking for water and firewood.

Their stages of life are as follows; once a boy is circumcised, he’s considered a /Warrior Moran, then he becomes a junior elder and finally an elder.

Samburu dances and attires

Samburu dances and attires are an attraction on its own. You will learn during your Kenya Wildlife safari  that the Samburu attire is adorned with many colorful beaded earings, necklaces and bracelets. Of important to note is that each piece of jewellery represents status of the person wearing it.

Masai and Samburu are the tribes at the center of Kenya Cultural safaris.

In our other related safaris, we have included other tribes of interest with unique cultures and traditions.

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