Kenya Educational Safaris


Kenya Educational Safaris

Our educational trips are meant for learning experience away from the normal game drives.

These wildlife safaris are designed specifically for learning institutions and schools. Our major interest is culture, animal behaviors, plants, sports as well as history.

Our main reason of promoting Kenya educational safaris is to help in preservation of culture, protection of natural resourses and endangered species.

Kenya Holiday tours includes fishing, walking safaris, hiking, bicycle riding, water sports, quad bikes and many more.

Our educational safaris tours have conditions whereby.
  • Every student must carry his/her student card.
  • It is based on groups minimum for every departure is 5 students.
  • Budget accommodation is used , luxury is offered on request.

During your visit, there are rules that are supposed to be followed while in the park. This includes;

  • You can only alight on designated points. Remain in your vehicles and ensure all the doors are well closed.
  • Speed limit is 40Kph /25Kph. Remember you are in the animal territory they cross the road whenever they feel like. don’t forget over speeding attracts penalties.
  • You are expected to respect the animal’s privacy as you are in their territory.
  • Always exit the park before dusk unless you are an overnight visitor. Parks gates open at 0600Hrs and closes at 1800Hrs.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Driving under alcohol influence is prohibited.
  • Avoid making a lot of noise and hooting unnecessary especially when close to the animals. Remember all wild animals are wild and can react dangerously if provoked.
  • Always seek permission before taking pictures of people and their surroundings as well as government buildings. Respect the local’s culture and traditions. If they ask for any form or appreciation, you should be willing to pay.
  • Do not liter.
  • Off road driving is stickily prohibited. Driving should only be done on well-established roads and trails.
  • Don’t get too close to the animal, it’s always recommended to keep a distance of minimum 20 meters.

For more safari varieties pls visit our all Kenya safaris page and do not forget to check on our trip advisor for our genuine reviews.



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