Aberdare National park

Aberdare National park  “Majestic Peaks, Moorlands and Intriguing Falls” is located 150Km away from Nairobi with an area of 765.7 sq Km.It is also close to an airstrip ,so guest with the fly in and proceed to the park.

The park is characterized by forested ravines, high moorland, hills and peaks to indigenous forest waterfalls and streams.

Due to its high altitude, the park is very rainy and misty, with roads that become impassable during the rainy season always advisable to use a 4×4 vehicle during this season,thought its an all year destination.

Aberdare National  park is home to leopards, spotted hyenas, olive baboons, elephants, black rhinos, Columbus monkeys, buffaloes, warthogs and bush bucks just to mention but a few. Besides animals and birds Aberdares bosts very beautiful sceneries ,Karuru waterfall being one of them among others.

Bird viewing is rewarding with over 290 species recorded including the sparrow,goshawks,eagles and sun birds.

Among the activities that can be done here includes bird watching,camping,game viewing ,photography and trekking.

There are several accommodation options in Aberdare National Park that you can choose from ,self catering bandas,camping or lodge accommodation.

The two famous lodges in the park includes ‘The Treetops’ this is where British Princess Elizabeth was informed that she was now a Queen in 1952 when her father died.Its balconies and lunges provide superb views of animals visiting the salt-lick and waterhole.

The Ark located in thick woodland at the heart of this Park is also known as a Tree hotel which is uniquely shaped to resemble Noah’s Ark, with deck from which numerous balconies and lounges provide superb vantage viewing points.

Aberdare National  park is accessible throughout the year and suitable for all age groups, you can either visit as a group,family ,solo or with friends.

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