The majority of this coastline is naturally blessed with the classic combination of palm plantations and white-sand beaches fronting onto a turquoise ocean filled with coral reefs and a wealth of marine life.

However large sections of the Kenyan coast has been significantly blighted by heavy tourism development, so it is extremely important to choose your areas carefully if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the more pristine areas.

South Coast

The most southerly 50km of coastline, south of the busy Diani Beach area, is a good deal more quiet and contains some interesting lodge options.

Unfortunately there is no direct air service, so you do get a little bit wrapped up in the main flow of visitor traffic on the way in and out, but once out a the beach there should be plenty of space.

Msambweni … is perhaps the most alluring of the areas along this stretch, being a good 20km south of the busy area and containing the particularly interesting Msambweni House.

Kinondo and Gazi … is a rather closer to the busy areas, but still offers a good deal of peace and tranquillity. There’s also a wider range of lodges here, from the higher end Kinondo Kwetu to the more modest Cove Retreat and Gazi Retreat.

Shimoni … is the most southerly section of the coast. It contains the best diving in the area and is therefore sees a good deal of daytripper traffic from the busy areas to the north. The coastline is largely comprised of mangrove forests, with good beaches being few and far between. The best lodge is probably Funzi Keys.