Hells Gate National Park   “A Walk on the Wild Side”

Hells Gate National Park is named for the intense geothermal activity within its boundaries.

This is a special locations to view include Fischer’s Tower, formerly a volcano’s plug, the Central Tower and Njorowa Gorges. Two extinct volcanoes: Olkaria and Hobley’s are worth a trip. Activities in Hells Gate National Park includes, a walk with the zebras and gazelles or ride your mountain bike to Ol Njorowa gorge and jog through tunnels showed with hot springs and walls that seem capable of swallowing you into the bowels of the earth and into the devils bedrooms. Natural steam vents rise from fissures in the volcanic rock. Obsidian, a striking black glassy rock formed from cooled molten lava is a feature of this landscape.

Besides Hells Gate National Park Lk Naivasha has a lot to offer you can visit the Cresent Island whereby you will enjoy  guided walk to this island, the shores host abundant birdlife especially huge numbers of pelicans, cormorants and fish-eagles with their haunting cry. Herds of Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Zebra and Gazelle can be seen roaming around.

Lake Naivasha is the second largest freshwater lake in Kenya and one of only two freshwater lakes in the rift valley.

Hells gate national park is a haven for ornithologists and rock climbers. Key features here includes African buffalo, hartebeest, zebra ,eland baboons and thompsons gazelles.

There are over 100 bird species found here.Mountain biking, rock climbing are the most common activities here. The park is also home to klipspringer antelope ‘this is a small and stocky antelope’. and Chandler’s mountain reedbuck.

It can easily be  accessed by road and by Air whereby its only 90Km away .

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