Lake Bogoria National Reserve  ‘THE HEALING PLACE’

Lake Bogoria is referred to as “The healing place” . It is home to one of the largest populations of the lesser flamingoes that turns the lake literally pink.

The lake is geothermically active on the western shore, with geysers and hot springs. ,it attracts massive flocks of Flamingoes. The western shore of the lake is lined with spouting geysers, spurting stream and bubbling geothermal pools. Fresh water springs at the Lake edge attract an abundance of birds and wildlife.

Lake Bogoria national reserve shores are always lined with Gazelles, Zebras, Baboon and Greater Kudu bufallos,warthog. Caracal, spotted hyena, impala and didkdiks among others.This reserve has more than 350 birds on its list, with an estimated two million lesser flamingos which flock in to feed on algae. Other major notable birds includes; African Fish Eagle,Grey crowned crane,Hamerkop,Greater flamingos among others . Bogoria  lake is also famous for the hot springs and geysers which spout and steam.

Sulphur water gushes out of the ground and it is known to have therapeutic value. The hot springs are natural spas and steam baths

The geysers are extremely hot and visitors are forewarned to be Careful while visiting  Lake Bogoria .

The park is situated in the Rift Valley 250 Km away from Nairobi and 1000-1600 m above sea level  .It covers 107 sq km with 34 sq km being covered by water .Clients visiting Lake Nakuru National Park  can also do a day trip to this park.We also have both short and long safari departures to Lake Bogoria game reserve,and  can customized to fit all  your requirements.

Being close to the equator, temperatures are quite moderate and uniform throughout the year at Lake Bogoria. The best time to visit is when there are lots of flamingos June through February.

The reserve is  suitable for all age groups and more importantly educational groups .

There are accommodation inside the park including resorts and cottages.

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