South coast Mombasa

South coast is linked to Mombasa by the Likoni ferry. It spans some 50km up to Diani beach considered to be the center of south coast in terms of tourist attractions. Its only accessible through ferry or by air.

This is where you enjoy flawless white tropical beaches shaded by the palm trees.

Places of visit in South Coast Mombasa in a day.


Shimoni is a Swahili word for hole) .The caves, which are runned by the community, are usually open from 0830Hrs to 1800hrs.

In the 18th century,the caves were believed to have served as prison for the thousands slaves who were in transit to the infamous Arabia slave markets of Zanzibar.

It’s the best place to enjoy the waters sports,ie snorkeling windsurfing,sailing,diving, water-skiing and many more .


Shimba Hills National Park is otherwise referred to us “Paradise of the Stable Antelope” .

It is located only 33 Km away from Mombasa town. The park is famous for the magnificent Sheldricks falls on the slopes of the hills .

The Park is made up of both open grassland and dense rain forest, all with stunning views across the Indian Ocean. Animals seen in this area include elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, impalas, heartbeats, sable roan antelopes, black and white monkeys, and warthog. The forest is an important bird area and hosts 111 bird species .

Walk down to the magnificent Shedrick’s Falls on the slope of the hills with the company of an experienced guide, it’s such a remarkable experience.


‘Enchanted water realm’

Kisite Mpunguti lies in the coral gardens south of Wasini Island and encompasses three small coral rag forest islands, go and enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving in the warm sky blue waters and enjoy the shifting rainbows of small fish and the ever changing colours of marine life. Kisite is one of the most rewarding snorkeling locations at the coast.

Sun bath on the tide controlled white sand bar that Kisite is famous for brace yourself for the unforgettable dance of dolphins as they appear from above and below the gentle waves.


Wasini island is located further south towards shimoni. Deep sea diving in Wasini Island south of Mombasa have been climbed for their bounty.

When you reach your destination of Shimoni “the place of the cave” you will board a motorized dhow to Kisite. Now the best part of the journey begins as you sail through an enchanting seascape of islands set in a pristine sea of unbelievable blue.

During this journey it is possible to spot dolphins.

Kisite Marine Park, is an underwater park. It is here that underwater splendors await you. In the shallow warm water that surround Kisite Island the water abounds with marine life.

Here you can snorkel and marvel at the incredible variety of marine life. Scuba Divers can explore a number of excellent dive sites in the coral reefs.

To top off the trip, sumptuous Swahili style seafood lunch is served at Wasini island restaurant.

A visit to a traditional Muslim village is worth a visit .

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