Tarangire National Park

Tarangire national park is located 118KM southwest of Arusha .Its name originates from the Tarangire River that crosses the park. It covers an area of approximately 2,850 square kilometers.

The park is famous for its high density of elephants and baobab trees. June to October is the driest season and thousands of animals migrate to the Tarangire river looking for water .

The Park is  named after the Tarangire River lures thousands of plains game to its banks with variety of Herbivores and Predators. This park is also very famous for its tree climbing Pythons, the almost extinct species of wild dogs .

Exclusive to the park are endangered animals such as the Greater Kudu, Fringe-Eared Oryx, and the Ashy Starling. Over 550 different bird species have been recorded in this park.

Other animals that can be spotted in Tarangire National park  includes  vervet monkey, banded mongoose, olive baboon, lion, leopard, waterbuck, giraffe, dik dik, cheetah, caracal, honey badger,impala, eland, Grant’s gazelle, African wild dog and   migratory wildebeest just to mention but a few.

You will get a chance to visit the local masai community mingle with them and learn their traditions and customs.These are one of the few remaining tribes who have stuck to their rich cultures.

Accommodations in the park includes lodges and camps, budget,medium and luxury  options.

This park has alot to offer throughout the year therefore its accessible during all the seasons.

Some of the packages to Tarangire National Park includes long and shot safaris.

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